Remote Starters

iDatastart and Compustar

  • iDatastart HC1

    The iDatastart HC1 is a 1-way remote starter kit offering you reliable long-range control up to 3000ft! This kit comes with 2 remotes and you can instantly upgrade to a 2-way system simply by purchasing a 2-way remote. No need to purchase a separate bypass module as the iDatastart products come with one already built into the starter - the first of its kind in Canada!

  • iDatastart HC2

    The iDatastart HC2 is a terrific, highly responsive 2-way remote starter system that comes with 2 remotes (1 2-way remote and 1 companion 1-way remote) and up to 3000ft of range. The HC2 can be effortless programmed to accommdate 2 more remotes and smart phone control (additional parts required for smart phone control).

  • iDatastart HCX

    The iDatastart HCX system is designed to maximize the use of your existing key fob or smart key. Simply press the lock button 3 times to remote start your vehicle using this kit! Upgrade to an HC1 or HC2 instantly by purchasing the remotes you want - no additional parts or installation necessary! Please call us to check if this system works with your vehicle as not all vehicles are covered by the HCX kit

  • Compustar PRO G15 (1-Way)

    The Compustar 1-Way G15 offers up to 3000-ft of range, and includes two waterproof 1-way remotes. Backed by a 3-Year PRO Warranty, the remote works with all Compustar remote start and security systems. Durable and reliable makes this one of the most powerful 1-Way systems in the market.

  • Compustar PRO G15 (2-Way)

    With industry leading DSST technology this 2-Mile max range, water-resistant remote kit includes two 2-way LED remotes. Start your vehicle with confidence having visual and audible confirmation once your commands are successfully completed. Backed by 3-Year PRO Warranty, works with all Compustar remote start Systems.

  • Compustar PRO T11

    The most powerful remote starter in the industry, thought the use of Digital Spread Spectrum Technology this system offers 3-mile max range. USB rechargeable, IPX-7 waterproof and high strength injection molded body to withstand everyday impacts making it reliable and resistant while also providing helpful information about your car such as the interior temperature. Includes one 2-way LCD and one 2-way LED remote. Works with all Compustar remote start and security systems

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To find out which remote starter system is best for your vehicle, give us a call or send us an email. All emails responded to within 1 business day, guaranteed. We make recommendations based on your vehicle make, year, model, what features you are looking for as well as your budget. We carry many different starter models and brands and we guarantee you will find the perfect one for your vehicle! All our products come with a 3 year warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the installation.

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