About us

Established in 2004, Leckie Installs has proudly been serving our customers for over 10 years. We specialize in remote car starters and high end car audio installations, and we welcome all aftermarket auto electronics installations. From plug-and-play systems to custom installations, we can do it all. We guarantee the highest quality work and craftsmanship, offering a lifetime warranty on all of our installations. We are confident in our work and we deliver only the best to our customers.

Leckie Installs also services many auto mechanic shops as well as new and used car dealers in the area, including larger dealerships such as Airport Kia, Airport Hyundai, London Chrysler, London City Mazda, and Canadian Tire stores across the city.

Why choose us

Get the best there is for your vehicle

  • Rated top-notch service in London, highly recommended by dealers and trusted by families everywhere in the city.

  • Timely response to all requests, via phone or email, and quick turnaround times for all installation services.

  • Something need to be fixed? You can be assured that the Leckie Installs team will look after your vehicle for as long as you own it!

Meet the Team

The Leckie Installs Crew

  • Chris Leckie, Owner, Certified Installer

    Shop owner and founder of Leckie Installs, Chris has been working in the industry since 2004. With many years of experience under his belt, he is rapidly becoming known as the "go-to" guy in London for auto service and troubleshooting. There is no job too big or too small for him, and he treats every customer that comes through our doors like family. It is Chris' tried and tested methods and high standards of quality for workmanship that has helped make the business what it is today.

  • Harrison Leckie, Senior Manager, Department of Cute

    Harrison might be young and tiny, but he is definitely the biggest boss in the Leckie crew! Most days he is ready to charm our customers with his infectious laughs and smiles, building a large loyal customer base at this early age! Harrison is the future of Leckie Installs.

  • Topher Albert-Leckie, Chief Executive Biter (2013-2016)

    Topher passed away in the winter of 2016. He was hands-down the most popular and most-loved member of the Leckie Installs family. Topher will be sorely missed by the family, team and our loyal customers. RIP to our best friend.

  • Rosanne Sauz, Sales Manager & Dealership Relations

    Rosanne is the newest addition to the Leckie Installs team. She brings her extensive Sales and project management experience to the business all while managing all our dealership relations, ensuring all their needs are met with quickness and efficiency. She also handles our team's day-to-day operations, from sourcing, inventory handling to keeping an eye on our sales and marketing.

  • Arun Pawar, Certified Apprentice Installer

    Arun is the newest member to join the Leckie Installs team, training to be a Certified Technician under the tutelage of Chris Leckie. He is hard working, reliable and a quick learner. Though he is still new to the trade, his installations have been quick, efficient, clean and most importantly safe. He is an excellent addition to the crew!

What do our clients say about us

Real, current feedback from our customers

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Terry, Morin
I live in London and I would like to tell anyone that if you want good work done go to Leckie Installs because they are at the top of there game on how to take care of you first then the Install that you want. Chris has helped my wife, niece and myself with great personnel service and great workmanship. If you want to here from me by phone telling you then I give Chris permission to give my phone number to anyone that wants to confirm with me how happy and how great of service he does.
Grant MacDonald,
Amazing service! Brought a remote car starter bought from Canadian tire and they installed it perfectly. They even stayed open late in so I could make it there. The starter works extremely well and I would highly recommend leckie to everyone.
Barbara Ball,
I had a remote starter in installed by Leckie Installs in the Fall of 2014. The people I dealt with were very professional and friendly and the technician explained how to work it clearly and thoroughly. It worked well all winter and this fall (Oct 2015) I had a small issue with it and took my car in. Chris, the owner, looked at it immediately and had the problem solved in minutes. He was very helpful and it was clear that providing good service was a top priority. I would highly recommend this shop and have recommended it to my daughter who is shopping around for a remote starter.