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Here at Leckie Installs, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our installations. That means we need to be able to offer our customers the best, most reliable, most technologically advanced remote starter system on the market too. For all automatic transmission vehicles requiring interface modules, it's the iDataStart HC systems we recommend every time. With up to 3,000 feet of operating range, iDataStart HC remote start systems offer reliable control whether from your driveway or a short drive away. With pre-packaged configurations and flexible 1-way or 2-way remote upgrade options, the iDataStart has the right system for every need.

With a built-in interface module in every iDataStart HC brain, our customers save from having to purchase an expensive module. This newest system on the market also allows for all Push-to-Start vehicle owners to confidently obtain a starter that communicates flawlessly with their electronic ignition -- a feature that most analog remote starter systems out there are simply not equipped to handle without issues.

Fast Facts

All about remote starter installations

  • Our installations typically take 3-3.5 hours. We take our time preparing the wire harness that goes into your vehicle using only the best materials on the market that will stand the test of time. Every harness is clean and as close to factory as possible. And then we solder every single connection to ensure that your starter will last you the life of your vehicle, if not longer!

  • Remote starter installations will NOT void your manufacturer's warranty, contrary to some claims. We can assure you that only knowledgeable, experienced and certified hands will be working on your vehicle from start to finish. If your dealership ever has any questions about the system we put into your vehicle, they can contact us directly and we will work with them at no additional costs or inconvenience to you!

  • The iDatastart remote starter systems make it easy to be transferrable from one vehicle to the next, if you decide to sell or upgrade down the line. With it's built-in interface module, it spares you the need to purchase a new one down the line since most modules are vehicle-make specific. That makes the iDatastart a terrific one-time investment for your winter needs.

See for yourself

Why iDataStart is our top pick for remote starter systems

  • iDatastart Remotes

    Lightweight, durable remotes with a slim, sleek and modern design. The iDatastart remotes are built to last but come with a 1-year in-store warranty if you have any issues with yours.

  • The iDataStart HC1 and HC2 systems come with 2 remotes, equipped with up to 3000 feet of true range. The remote is one of the most responsive on the market today, with every function engaging with your vehicle almost immediately.

  • Each button on the iDataStart HC2 2-way remotes come with a blue LED indicator that will flash and beep to confirm your vehicle's status to you. No more second guessing if your vehicle successfully received the signal to start!

  • iDataStart Brain

    The iDataStart remote starter all-in-one brain with built in interface solution is the slimmest on the market, which makes for a cleaner installation under your dash.

  • The iDataStart VW kits allows for flawless remote starter installations for select Volkwagen vehicles from 2010 and up, without the need to sacrifice one of your spare keys! This is the first system of it's kind in the market today.

  • Say goodbye to bulky systems and disastrous installations! The Leckie Installs team will make sure your remote starter install is clean and solid every time, no matter what the vehicle.

Why choose Leckie Installs

See for yourself the care we take in preparing for your installation

Before we even begin to take the panels off of your vehicle, we meticulously plan every wire, every circuit perfectly going over each aspect of the installation with a fine-toothed comb. We make our wire harnesses as close to OEM factory standards as possible, using only the best materials to ensure your vehicle's safety. Every connection is soldered, taped and covered in heat resistant shrink tube. We don't scrimp on quality or cut costs! Here at Leckie Installs, we can confidently guarantee that your vehicle is in safe hands.